Archive for THE H}{RW The Killer Raven Warriors and Havoc Knights
are dedicated to Dungeon Siege Gaming and fair play.

Clan Members & Info
H}{RW Member List
List of all current members and ranks and status in the HKRW.
H}{RW Elite Testing
Check here for ~EE~ and ~EM~ rank testing points and a description of the tests.
Member News, Profiles & Info
Member profiles can be posted here. Also if you will be offline for some time due to a move or isp problem post here.
Apply to Join H}{RW
If you want to join the HKRW post a message here stating that you accept the rules, if you edit or not and your zone ID.
Rank Request
Post here if you are in the HKRW and wish to be rank tested. Please state your current rank and the rank you will be applying for.
HKRW Members Only
Clan Leaders
Clan leaders forum to discuss and vote on issues in the HKRW.
Clan Support
Files and basic clan support. HKRW members only.
~Battle Lord Lounge~
This is where the weary Lords of the Kingdom come to relax and brush up on their skills. HKRW Battle Lords and above rank only.
Editing & Training
DS1 Character Editing
Editing tricks and tutorials.
DS1 Modding
DS1 modding reference, tricks and questions here.
LOA Character Editing
Editing tips, tricks, tutorials and anything to do with editing your LOA character.
LOA Modding
LOA modding reference, tricks and questions here.
Masters & Squires
~Battle Lords~ and Masters from any clan or independant post your Zone ID's here and if you are accepting Squires from the Kingdom.
DS1 Dueling Academy
Learn to duel ask questions and read over dueling tut from HKRW members.
DS1 Item Requests
If you dont edit or are not sure how to edit what you want post the request here. One of the leaders or members should be able to make it for you. HKRW Only!
PVP Dueling
H}{RW Challenges
This is where a challenge is Made, for HKRW leadership roles
DS1 Non Boosted Dueling
Stories and tips on non boosted dueling. All clans welcome to share stories.
DS1 Dead or Mana Boost Dueling
Stories and tips on boosted dueling. All clans welcome to share stories.
Battle Lord Dueling
Battle Lord stories, tip and tricks boosted or unboosted. Example: your 2 on 1 gun fight you won.
Dungeon Siege Multiplayer World
Zone Match Server
Create a new zone match server for DS1 and LOA
Dungeon Siege 1 Product Life Cycle
Dungeon Siege General Availability Date 3/13/2002 Mainstream Support Retired 4/10/2007 Extended Support Retired Not Applicable Service Pack Retired Notes Not Applicable
H}{RW Runescape
Runescape, Apply to join
Post here if you would like to join HKRW in RS. (Don't post in the other Apply to join thats for another game) Thank you
Runescape Talk,Help
Talk about any runescape topics here. Or ask for help.
Runescape Market
For selling/buying runescape items. No Black market junk please. =)
Runescape Upcomeing Events, or planning
I (Mr GigGles) will post Events here or incoming events. =P
Other & Off Topic
Forum Requests
Post here if you want your name changed, if you need your rank changed, if you cant access clan only etc...
General Off Topic
A place for all da stuff that dont fit in any category above. Crazy fun off topic stuff. You know so check it!
Off DS topic about music.
Off DS topic about movies.
Clan Messages and Alliances & Wars
Messages from other clans and alliance / war request can go here. Thx
Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst
PSOBB, Trade, Help, And any other fun stuff you can come up with.
Forum RPG
RPG statuses, RPG battles, and RPG trades
Essays, short stories, poems, comments and other type of writings from your favorite HKRW members.
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