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Masters & Squires
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i would like a little help please
Anyone need help with edit/modding/mapping?
Need to learn how to edit? I'm your man!
Training Anyone Who Wants It
Mr GigGles helping Andy with modding
~Wind~ is willing to take 1 person under her wing.
Demon is here to help, just ask Taking anyone
Helping ace with editing
Takeing anyone for mod help
helping new modders with anything you want
Decra is taking 3 people
Lover is here i will take 1 person
~Peach~ <> Bannana
Irmeg- DinHulks
slayers wants some1 else to train
P$Yc}_{0's search 4 a squire
Mr Giggles - Im here to help =)
Slayer - who im training
Master Reaction -<> - Pipe Liner
Master Reaction <> Sizz
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