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Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst
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good news
Should i?
PSU:AOTI Promotional Vid
PSOBB fun hacks
3rd psobb video
Psobb hacking Vid #2
Item hacking tut
PSU Movie me & my friend made watch=)
PSOBB video i made
PSU Online char also add this to sticky or make a section
Hacking PSOBB
I started back
well omen is back on psobb jsut saw him on
my PSU char
gave psobb another chance
well i got banned from psobb=/
Kaze is lvl 80 now
psobb vid,watch it for ppl who wanna know how i fight
halloween event
new server ip for us client users
almost forgot lol
still cant type =(
Send me your psobb pictures for my site.
Picture of ingame
lvl 75=D
Trading rares
Giggles training up =P
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