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The Test

This forum is locked: you cannot post, reply to, or edit topics.   This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.    THE H}{RW Forum Index -> H}{RW Elite Testing
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PostPosted: Mon May 22, 2006 11:34 pm    Post subject: The Test  Reply with quote

<<<<<<<<<<<][=== ELITE TESTING=== ][>>>>>>>>>>>

For testing there should be 3 of us in the test game. 1 Ref (me or co-Leader), 1 Player (the one being tested), and 1 Witness (to verify the score) in a password protected game.
The witness can be a NON KRW member so invite a friend if u want.

There are 3 tests and a pre test. (Pre test may not be givin)
Pre - Melee Fighter
1 - An Archer
2 - Melee Boss
3 - Kell Boss (he breakes magic blocks)

The point of this test is teach about blocking and breaking blocks.
So if your not ready or dont know what that means then we have to train a little first before the test. Find me in a game.

#####One hint. The summons will block all ranged attacks and reflect some melee damage back to you. You should break the reflect or use magic to defeat them. On the last summon you will need to break the magic blocks because he also has unbreakable melee blocks. Of course you can use any means you see fit.

Each test will be worth 5 points for a total of 15 points. Each time you die you will lose 1 point. If you die 5 times against any one test then you lose that test. The pre test is not counted into the total score but is only to see if you are ready for the main tests.

No Boosting or Guns for these tests*.

*(10-12 pumps on an ofagony spell boost if you like for a deduction of 1 point)

<<<<<<<<<<<][=== WARLORD TESTING=== ][>>>>>>>>>>>
The test for warlord is pretty simple. Once you have passed the Elite testing you must show the tester any item in your inventory with 4 fixes on it. You must be able to hide your health and edit in shield rings. A warlord editer should be able to apply all 52 fixes to his character.

<<<<<<<<<<<][==== BATTLE LORD TEST ====][>>>>>>>>>>>

If you want to be the best of the best in H}{RW then take this test.

Show fusion armor
Show a layered skin
Show 3 edited items; Item1: 3pre 1 suf, item 2: 2pre 2 suf,Item 3: 1pre 3 suf
Hit 2k min melee with every hit and block melee or magic 100%
Hit 1 min ranged with every hit and block melee or magic 100% (gun power must be tested)
Name at least 4 magic, 2 melee,  a health, a reflect, a piercing, and combat dmg breaker.
Wear at least 22 or more magic blocks for dueling and be able to unbreak 22 after
Have at least 5 ofrepression or ofantagonism
You will have to fight the bandit boss summon and win. There are no points in this one and you can take it as many times as you need.

Now the bandit boss will choose 1 set of 35 magic blocks from 4 different types. Two of thoses sets will have 2 blocks but still only be 35 total blocks. It is random so you will never know what he has on.

Example he may have on 25 relient and 10 merciless which is possible in a duel.

He will have unbreakable ranged, melee, gun and punch blocking on so a legit magic duel is the only way to kill him.

No healing, no boosting, n piercing spells and no pot drinking. Just break his blocks and kill him!

Also read about the other requirments of a Battle Lord at the site

<<<<<<<<<<<][==== BATTLE LORD BOOSTER TEST ====][>>>>>>>>>>>
If you want to become booster certified then you must first become a Battle Lord of the Kingdom before taking this test.

Be able to edit pot books and choose from at LEAST 2 types of fixes for boosting. So in one duel you have one fix and the next you have a different fix.
Be able to explain block counting and show dead boost to 300 blocks
Be able to explain block counting and show mana boost to 300 blocks
You must also duel the BL Booster 300 summon and win
Once the duel against the summon has been won you must do 4 in game dules, win or lose is not inportant you will gain experience in dueling.
Once awarded the medal it wil lbe added to yoru rank tag and carried up through higher ranks. so it would be
Read more of the Battle Lord Booster Medal on the site at:

<<<<<<<<<<<][==== Good Luck ====][>>>>>>>>>>>

~H}{RW~ Master Reaction
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