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»»»ADVACED_EXPERT«««(how to win with good players)

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 13, 2007 8:37 pm    Post subject: »»»ADVACED_EXPERT«««(how to win with good players)  Reply with quote

»»»»»»»» ATENTION«««««««««

Now you know how to non boost magic duel and you should know all the rulez ,so this tutorial isnt teaching you how to duel but how to get your own strategy and completly understand the world of realy useful blocks and breakers.

At the firs step you will learn that most good players arent using the classical 4 spell breakers most of the have their own sets for braking which they use for dueling with raly good players.Ypu may ask why? becouse in a rely har duel each second can decide of your win//lose so you dont have time to check all the classic brakers.
Example :
player 1 is using 25 5% blocks and 14 merciless which is 25%
he is also using the classical 4 breakers
player 2 is using the same plack se of 25 5%and 14 25% blocks
but he is using his own set of braking spelss:

inv_location = il_spell_5;
modifier_prefix_name = persevering;
modifier_suffix_name = ruthless;
template_name = #spell_gom_turret_fire/+stringent/+ofvindication;

nv_location = il_spell_4;
modifier_prefix_name = harsh;
modifier_suffix_name = exceptional;
template_name = #spell_gom_turret_fire/+sublime/+ofretribution;

inv_location = il_spell_3;
modifier_prefix_name = unwavering;
modifier_suffix_name = unparalleled;
template_name = #spell_gom_turret_fire/+reliant/+ofvengance;

inv_location = il_spell_2;
modifier_prefix_name = stern;
modifier_suffix_name = infused;
template_name = #spell_gom_turret_fire/+merciless+ofantagonism;

(asoyu can see the 2 player changed the place of 4 fixes but you will see how big diffrec it will make)
so the duel starts:
1players starts casting the

inv_location = il_spell_5;
modifier_prefix_name = merciless;
modifier_suffix_name = ruthless;
template_name = #spell_gom_turret_fire/+stringent/+ofvindication;

braker 35 times and player 2 starts to cast

inv_location = il_spell_2;
modifier_prefix_name = stern;
modifier_suffix_name = infused;
template_name = #spell_gom_turret_fire/+merciless+ofantagonism;

when the 1player is near the half of his 1 cycle he is broken and he will lose

you may say why the sacond player strated from this breker?
the answer is asy most player use merciless and some 5% reduce fixes so if you have the braker seted as the player 2 you can check 2 most popular blocks and brake them at one time ,its much faster than yousing the classical set of breakers.You also need to remember:this is a example so it is simplyer becouse it must me as clear as posible to understand.

this lesson teached you to try experiment wih your own breaking spells which can make winning much easyer than normal.

»»»EXPERT LvL«««

this is the part of dueling that is very hard to understand for some people becouse its using imaginary(sunds funny??? but it helps a lot)
knowing your opponent is very useful in a duel becouse you can win by the 1 braker and totaly destroy your opponent with your speed .

Before i start a duel im trying to know about my opponent as much as i can (im looking if he is wearing a fusion armor to let me know how much unbrakable blocks is he using, asking a few questions abouthis rank if he is in a clan, how big/strong is his clan ,and how long is he playing DS may ask why can a simple questions make diffrence in duel?this is the hardest point of this lesson im trying to deduct what block set is he using by mixing my xepirance in dueling , knowlege about most popular blocks and the answers of that simple questions to create a profile of that player(i wont write here any part of my knowlege about players becouse its my own)the player profile helps me chose on what breaker is should begin the fight and on what i need to end.

for some playes this tutorial can be silly ,funny or just look stupid and f anothercant understand it but im trying to teach in it how to use your mind in dueling and how it can be helpfull .

im sorry if i made meny mistakes but im just a human and a human which national language isnt english.

....finaly writed this 2 next steps....

go see the last 2 steps of my dueling tutorial in the DS1 dueling academy ....finaly shown on the day light
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 13, 2007 10:49 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wow looks good, nice job
My DS editing tutorial videos:
Video 1
Video 2

Aniq - Anime downloads
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 16, 2007 5:51 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well Mage this is a good way to play. I personally have to do more of the question asking.

But I do have 2 diff breaker books. On classic groupings and one I consider advanced breaking.

Thanks for the tut


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